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    Introducing this season's Ruth & Naomi Girl of the Season, Sofia Barquin.
    Sofia is 12 years old and in 6th grade. She is extremely creative, spiritual, kind, and athletic. She loves to hang with her friends, and is obsessed crafting and riding horses.   

    When Sofia was in Pre-K she was rushed to the hospital with breathing issues. After many days in the hospital, the doctors determined Sofia has Asthma. For almost 10 years she has struggled to breathe and requires daily medications and prevention. After allergy testing she has been found to be allergic to dust, mold, pollen, and most things found outdoors. Despite her allergies and Asthma she has not allowed that to stop her! 
    From a young age, Sofia has used her creativity to show her love and support for others. From making gifts for others to brighten their day; to using her talents to raise money to help various organizations, Sofia's kind heart and willingness to never quit is an example of what it means to Ruth & Naomi to be Be-YOU-tiful! 

    Ruth & Naomi is proud to partner with Sofia as our Girl of the Season. 

    A portion of our proceeds are given to the charity chosen by our Girl of the Season. Sofia has chosen to donate to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta because they have helped save her life multiple times. Also, she hopes the donation will help other children battling illnesses such as hers.