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    At Ruth and Naomi, we recognize and celebrate every girl, her uniqueness and what makes her Be-YOU-tiful.  Whether it's the sporty girl hitting the fields, the dancer, the musician, or the girl who enjoys getting trapped in a good book; each girl has something extraordinary to offer!  Our calling is for girls to truly understand our motto and spread the positive message of "Be YOU" to other girls around the world.

    Each season (Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter), we highlight a different girl that exemplifies what it means to be a Ruth and Naomi girl. The "R & N Girl of the Season" will share her story with you and a portion of the proceeds from that season will go to her favorite charity. Meet our current Girl of the Season! 

    Ruth and Naomi was founded by two Moms of Tween aged girls, who had a desire to CELEBRATE these Be-YOU-tiful girls.  The clothing we offer is both trendy and appropriate.  Like most moms, we had trouble finding clothing that was both appropriate but also comfortable and FUN!
    Every item that Ruth and Naomi offers is both Mom and Tween approved!  

    Our goal is to help every Mom/Dad find a home to shop for their Tween.
    Welcome home. 

    ~ Kelly & Laura