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    News — update

    What Happened to the Tween Clothing Market?

    What Happened to the Tween Clothing Market?

    Ruth and Naomi is so much more than just a Tween boutique, it’s a movement.  

    A call to action, if you will, that is calling all Tween aged girls to put others first and really realize what it is to be a Be-You-tiful girl. I am a proud mom of a tween aged girl and I can see firsthand that these beautiful girls are faced with many challenges these days.  Our dream is to create an environment that empowers girls to dream big while doing good for the community around them.

    We also love to encourage girls to celebrate what makes them unique.  For instance, my daughter, Sofia is a 10-year-old softball enthusiast!  She absolutely loves to play softball.  She looks up to Jenny Finch who played for the USA team in the World Olympics.  Her best friend has a truly amazing love for horses and basically anything to do with the equestrian life. How awesome it is that these girls can share and celebrate their stories about their passions with each other, without any jealousy. This is just one of the reasons that makes them truly unique.

    I also see, as a mom of a tween girl; there is a real struggle to keep these girls young at heart. Not only with their attitudes, but also with their wardrobe. I feel for every mom who takes her daughter shopping to find nothing but headaches, and some heartaches, with the lack of choices. The clothing often times is too “young” or WAY to “mature."
    What happened to the tween aged clothing market? Our goal at Ruth and Naomi is to help elevate those stresses for both the tween girl and her mom.
    We hope that you agree that every item we offer is trendy, fun, and appropriate.

    Happy Shopping!  

    Written by Laura Fanoe
    Head Buyer for Ruth & Naomi and Mom of 4 

    Ruth & Naomi Launch Update...

    Ruth & Naomi Launch Update...

    The past couple of months have been a whirlwind, but we feel so blessed to be living out our mission of inspiring young girls through trendy and age appropriate fashion. 
    Our Fall lines are starting to arrive and the website is being loaded with an array of selfie worthy fashion! 

    Our first Ruth & Naomi photo shoot was a SUCCESS! The Tweens we enlisted for the day were Kind, Humble and beYOUtiful! Everything a Ruth & Naomi girl is all about! 

    Our first Ruth & Naomi "Girl of the Season" has been named and we are so proud to introduce you to her soon! Each fashion season (Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter) we will choose a girl that embodies the Ruth & Naomi mission of being kind, humble and beYOUtiful. Throughout that season, a portion of our proceeds will be given to that girls favorite charity.
    We want to inspire these girls and YOU to remember that there is NO age limit on changing the world! 

    Our launch date is set for 7.1.17!
    In the meantime, go ahead and visit our site to sign up for our e-mail list to receive future updates & promotions!