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    Girl of the Season - Andi Jones

    Girl of the Season - Andi Jones

    Every three months at Ruth and Naomi, we highlight a Tween/Teen that exemplifies what it means to Be Kind, Be Humble and BeYOUtiful!

    The Ruth & Naomi Girl of the Season will share her story with you and a portion of our proceeds from that season will go to her favorite charity. We are proud to introduce you to our Girl of the Season for Jan-Mar 2018 ~ Andi Jones!


    Andi Jones is a 14 year old girl that is spiritual, sweet, kind, intelligent, caring and compassionate.Andi loves learning and her favorite subject in school is Science and she loves animals! Andi is always wanting to help the people in her community and people in need. She has held two neighborhood food drives and is planning on holding another one this Spring. She truly believes that service work is walking in Jesus’ footsteps. Andi began voice lessons in second grade. It was around that same time that she was diagnosed with Ciliary Dyskinesia, a genetic disorder that causes chronic, even life-threatening, respiratory illnesses. Andi didn’t let Ciliary Dyskinesia, Asthma, and her fragile immune system slow her down from dreaming big. With the help of Make-A-Wish Georgia and Chick-Fli-A, Andi’s wish to inspire others with her voice and her story came true.  Andi was invited by Chick-Fil-A to sing “God Bless America” at the Chick-Fil-A Peachbowl to a stadium of over 75,000 people. To this massive crowd, Andi shared not only her voice, but also her story and many were inspired and donated to Make-A-Wish Georgia.

    Make-A-Wish Georgia granted Andi’s wish this past September when Andi sang a 12 song concert at the Buckhead Theater. Andi raised $3,000 from her concert and donated it to Make-A-Wish Georgia to help another child’s wish come true.

    Andi hopes that she can inspire others to face their challenges and dream big. With Faith and support from family and friends, anything is possible. 

    Ruth & Naomi is proud to partner with Andi as our Girl of the Season for January, February and March! Andi truly exemplifies our motto of "Be Kind, Be Humble, and BeYOUtiful!" A portion of our proceeds from these three months will be given to Andi's favorite charity, Make-A-Wish Georgia!  

    CLICK HERE to learn more about Andi and her story! 

    Sorry boys... It's A Girl Thing

    Sorry boys... It's A Girl Thing

    Sorry boys! Itsa Girl Thing!

    We have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of theses tees for sometime and let me tell you, it was so WORTH the wait! We wanted to find a brand of t-shirts for our girls that embody the spirit of being a Godly tween/teen, while being youthful and fun too. Believe me when I say that there are sooo many options out there. I personally spend hours looking through catalogs and nothing quite seemed right. Then last month I heard about Itsa Girl Thing. Obviously the first thing I loved was the name…honestly, how could you not! The second, among many other reasons, was the message they convey. 

    There are Llama shirts! Need I say anymore? We have only been carrying this line for a week and we have already had to send out our requests for more! Be sure to grab your ASAP before we sell out again!

    I love this coral colored shirt with the arrows on the back. The phrase “All Good Things are Wild and Free” around the feathers is so beautiful! This one screams teen girl to me and would be perfect for any tween or teen this Holiday season. 

    At Ruth and Naomi, we encourage our tween girls to have a personal and close relationship to God and to spread his message to the world. This beautiful shirt encourages them to “Be the Light” as in John 5:14. Such powerful words for our girls! This t-shirt is available in Youth AND Adult sizes! 

    There are many other amazing options for you and your gal! to check out more!

    Remember to stay HUMBLE, be KIND, and more importantly, beYOUtiful!

    Happy Fall, Ya’ll! Bye, Bye for now!

    Ruth & Naomi - Buyer 

    Laura is a mom of four beautiful children, Sofia, Joseph, Suzi and Sami. She loves shopping, going to the movies her husband but loves being with her family and her four kids most of all. Laura is the buyer for us at Ruth and Naomi so feel free to email her with any comments or suggestions at


    Ruth & Naomi Girl(s) of the Season

    Ruth & Naomi Girl(s) of the Season

    At Ruth & Naomi, each fashion season, we highlight a different girl that exemplifies what it means to Be Kind, Be Humble and BeYOUtiful! The Ruth & Naomi Girl of the Season will share her story with you and a portion of the proceeds from that season will go to her favorite charity. 
    This season (Oct, Nov, & Dec) we are proud to bring you TWO Girls of the Season with ONE big mission! 

    Ruth & Naomi Girl of the Season

    Evelyn (Evie) and Joelle (JoJo) have been friends since Kindergarten. (You may recognize them from some of our product images;)
    Their families have been close friends too, but recently Evie, JoJo and their families were joined together in an even deeper way when both of their Moms were diagnosed with cancer within a year of one another. Evie & JoJo were overwhelmed with love and support from the community, and now want to give back to others facing the same situation. Together, with their siblings, they have created their own non-profit called

    SMILES For Cancer.
    S.M.I.L.E.S. is an acronym for Strong Moms Inspire us to Love, Encourage and Support. 

    Ruth & Naomi is PROUD to partner with these Be-YOU-tiful girls and SMILES For Cancer to 
    encourage awareness and support, financially and spiritually, for those diagnosed with cancer and their families and loved ones.
    Find out more about their Non-Profit Organization @ 

    You can help support this amazing organization by continuing to purchase @ Ruth & Naomi. A portion of our proceeds will go back to SMILES For Cancer. 

    As always, thank you for your support of Ruth & Naomi and our partner organizations. 

    Be Kind, Be Humble, BeYOUtiful, 
    Kelly Barquin 
    Ruth & Naomi, Owner